This award is now open for nominations, the closing date is 1 June 2009

What is the Kenton Miller Award


The award is granted annualy by IUCN's WCPA. The US$ 5000 stipend and certification are presented at a major conservation event. This year the event will be the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Mexico in November 2009

The 2009 Miller Award will recognize individuals that have innovated a new mechanism, policy, tool, or field practice that will promote the sustainability of Wilderness Areas. Such innovations will help ensure the long-term survival of established or proposed Wilderness Areas in the face of such global challenges as changes in climate, fragmentation of ecosystems by roads or other infrastructure, encroaching human settlements, harmful land use practices, misguided economic and social policies, or poorly designed and located development projects, among others.

Recognized innovations will have been tested under “real world” conditions, and be of international value.

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